Mar 28, 2009

Barcelona days and night

Oh Spain, it's so good to be back in your arms, lost in your city of Barcelona without a purpose, except to absorb all of your beauty and sophistication. Your city wraps itself around me and I get disoriented by your flair. This love affair needs to stop...... Your filled with your rich history

and welcomed me with brick rainbows with your mountains smiling from beneath...

I was lost at first, in memories of times past, and didn't know which way to go, until you pointed me in new directionsand serenaded me with your secrets of the night.From the secrets that you hold in your plazasto mysterious sights. You lit my smile up and in turn you showed me new ways to see things..Like balconies lit from belowor presented me with this treasure created by Gaudi.

And then you showed me your version of Mediterranean gardens, while sheltering me from your hot sun
I took in the details.....But these were only the appetizer to my meal.The Barcelona Botanic Garden was the main course and I was in awe..

Teaching me the bizarre beauty of Xanthorrhoea glauca

or this arrangement with the intense orange blooms of

Aloe ferox,

and the yellow pom poms of an Acacia.

The Ceanothus arborescens hugged the city
just as much as the sky.

I learned to appreciate all of the different Mediterranean climates of the world, such as Australia, South Africa, Chile, California, North Africa and the Canary Islands.

But time doesn't stand still and my days are limited, so the city called me back.

The buildings are incredible

and you don't skimp on the intricate details or colors.

Leave it to you to make geraniums look so good.

You helped create and inspire good artists like Miro

Whose colors reflect your vibrancy.... And don't forget those street artists, who make me smile... My thoughts get fragmented and I don't know what to focus on when I am with you.
But Gaudi once again sets me straight

and shows me over and over

why he is amazing.

There is color and life everywhere, even if it is in the form of a statue

in the young

and the old, your people are like no other. Living life the way it should be lived.

And eating food the way it should be eaten, like your calcots, with which you have festivals to celebrate this delicacy.
The markets tease and tantalize my senses, my nose, my mouth,

and my eyes. You trip me out.and the inspiration and love for life pulses through my body,

and heart..

but sorry Barcelona, you shared this wonderful combination with me, but sad to say you have nothing on the tulip displays I am sure Holland is going to share with me...... Maybe it's time we took a break........ Until next time Spain......... xoxoxo

Mar 17, 2009

Oh England, you steal my heart each time.

well, i am no longer in Israel but in England, and how I love this place.

Went to visit Great Dixter and all my garden friends there, woke up to misty mornings with the English birds serenading me, or at least that is what I like to think. Little living orchestras..

 the glorious long border with it's winter skeletons,
and springs new children,
and as always the punches of color like exclamation points in the garden.

each morning was quiet
and each evening too, especially with Vira.(Thanks Tom!)
And London, with all your chaos and inspiration, puddle jumping my way around.

Color combinations are everywhere if one takes notice, and subtle textures too.

Some more texture and friends..

The streets are punctuated with flowers for sale, like these jolly primrose.

 and the windows at The Lodge, always makes me smile, as much as it's inhabitants.(Thanks Stephen and Greg!)

Some sleepy mornings and

and jet lagged afternoons....

Which leads to silliness with friends, while donning a new cap.

 The book stalls near the Thames

and more street art on the walls, i love it all.

Still jetlagged but woken up by bursting yellow Narcissis in St. James Park.

The light here on the architecture makes me smile

 or reflections in the lake, which give me ideas for pushing the idea of water features and what we have come to expect of them. Do they really need to spout water?

Whether it's blocks of Crocus color or 
blocks of primary colors, it feeds me all the same way.

It lifts my spirits

makes me feel wise

and helps me to get creative,
So I can break the surface and push the boundaries.

My sketchbook is increasing and filling up, though I don't always get to finish, such as this alley in Jerusalem on Zion Square.
But my mind is going in new directions
and trying new things.
I am off to Spain now to experience a city I love so much, and look forward to it's gardens, Gaudi, Picasso, and all other random bits that make me smile.....