Feb 27, 2008

on sunday the columbia flower market.......

On Sundays there is the Columbia Flower Market which is alot of fun. A few blocks are used for this and there are all these little specialty shops around too. It was very crowded with the Cockney flower dealers yelling out there prices in hopes of getting new customers. Very funny things they had to say, such as the one pointing to some of his bunches of roses and yelling that these were Michael Jackson's favorite flowers... They sold everything from fresh flowers to potted houseplants to perrenials. You may recognize a few.............. Is your conservatory a little empty? Tree fern anyone............................ How bout some bare root perennials?
Around 2 pm the market usually comes to a close so everything gets marked down drastically..... i was able to snag 6 bunches for 10 pounds. So this was my purchase and i made my friend an arrangement to say thank you for letting me stay with her.
I am not sure Nancy Gingrich would approve of a brita water container as a vase but we have to adapt right? Siobhan was pleased though........


  1. Dear Jimmy,
    Love this blog!! Pictures were great and I really got a sense of the market. Keep blogging.

  2. JIMMY this is amazing!

    Love you, miss you!


  3. Tree ferns?! Yes, please...
    Great Blog Jimmy!!! Keep it coming
    -mark mo