Apr 8, 2008

Three out of four isn't bad....

So on Sunday, after all of the nice warm weather we have been having, there was a snowstorm. I thought I would only get to see 2 out of the 4 seasons here but this helped me see what it would be like in winter, minus some of the flowers. It snowed large flakes all day and turned the garden into a magical place. Seeing topiary forms is always nice after snows, you appreciate the forms alot more. The pots in front of the house looked especially cheerful.Red tulips between the bird topiaries in the Peacock Garden.Pyracantha in bloom.
Narcissus covered in snow looked like a scene out of a dream.All of the ponds looked like dark mirrors .
Mark wanted to show (Joyce) what a palm looked like with snow on it.

Camelia bloom looking a bit garish against the snow.

As the sun was setting it cast a pink glow all over everything.....

The topiary garden in a eery icy state.

It was so wonderful and so many sights to behold, and it all disappeared the next day.


  1. Jimmy- these photos are beautiful.
    xoxo travis

  2. Great to see Dixter in the snow. What a treat for you. Love following your travels.D

  3. jimmy!
    this is a true wonderland! how beautiful.