Apr 12, 2009

Happiness in Holland

Yes, yes, Holland, I know, I have been greedy and didn't want to share you. It's springtime though and I have fallen in love with you.
Amsterdam is one of those cities where one can easily get lost, and walk aimlessly for hours just looking at how beautiful it is. The canals are everywhere and so are the wonderful bridges, all packed tightly together with tiny little buildings.With all of the quirky tiny details that seems to make each building unique.People even live on the canals in houseboats, with tiny little gardens too!It is obvious to see how much the people love their plants. These arrangements were found at one of the flower markets held alongside one of the canals.Here is an arrangement outside the front of a shop. And the streetart did not disappoint me either.

And then it was on to the countryside, with your picturesque allees of

Fagus sylvatica,

and more of the canals lined with carpets of emerald green moss.

I could just ride my bike forever through these country backroads.

One of the windmills is right in my local town Ruurlo, where I am living...
And speaking of living, I could be happy here in this tiny and simple 3 colored house, which I also saw in town,

or this cottage with its dream-like surroundings.

The countryside is full of treasures and sights, like mature trees, firewood, and saplings- thats 3 generations of trees.

Spring is now here in full force, and it is incredible. But I am going to be greedy a little bit longer and keep De Wiersse to myself, if just for a few more days........Happy Spring.


  1. Wow, James. These pictures are phenomenal. I love the shots down the canal and the country road. As always, your keen eye takes me there and then sweeps my breath away. But please tell Holland that, though you may love her, she cannot have you forever. xoxo
    Love, Sissy

  2. It looks like you're starting to get house/home lust. I wonder were you will land and how you will garden after all you have seen.

  3. From a fellow gardener, your visions are lovingly inspirational...

  4. The atmospheric photographs remind me of those I have taken at Great Dixter during autumn. When the sun burns through the mist, the garden becomes more mysterious and plants become backlit dramatically.

    Tasmania does receive fog, which descend quickly and cover the eucalypt forests.

    I see that you worked at JBG - I had two friends, Ruilan and Filipe, who worked there last year. Your post on Brittany reminded me of my trip in Normandy - Le Jardin Plume was fantastic. Crech ar Pape and Kerdalo fall within that excellence of standards and creativity.