Aug 28, 2009

The Hague, Delft, and Utrecht

Since arriving in the Netherlands, it seems as if I have visited alot of cities and towns here. Maybe it comes from living in the countryside at the moment and always craving the opposite? Here are just a few photos of a peek into some of these places that I have seen. With the amount of water I have seen in this country, it has really changed my view of ways that it could be integrated into the garden. Here is the home of the Dutch Parliament and government offices, which seems even more grand by its reflection that helps solidify its importance.

Or what about this bridge in Delft that plays with function and form at the same time? It could've been just a simple arc bridge, but would it still catch your eye?
Or these homes, right on the canal, that help make Delft feel like you are a character in a Richard Scarey storybook? I had read an interesting story about how exciting it is for a child to be raised in Amsterdam. It spoke about how as a child, you are constantly ridden around on bikes, always next to the canals and it's water, and how all of the houses look like they are out of a fairytale- short, narrow buildings with playful roof tops.
It's not just the details that always strike me, but the whole picture too, such as the view towards the Cathedral in Delft... There are only shapes I see when I look at this photo- triangles, rectangles and squares. When looking at images, or views, I am always wondering how I would start sketching what I see.

There is a bit of playfulness in this contrast between old and new in Utrecht. Again, two simple shapes, make this otherwise common scene, a bit more interesting.

It seems everywhere I go, there is always something that looks like it was set up to look a certain way, to attract attention. This is not always the case though, since this is just
how the Dutch live their lives.....

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  1. What wonderful travels you are having. Memories for a life time. I'm enjoying following.