Nov 15, 2009

The Days of De Wiersse.....

At first arrival, I knew it would be different...

With its orchestra of bulbs,
it's emergence of lush green foliage,
or a field of yellow blooms, together they all helped herald the arrival of spring.
De Wiersse lead me down it's path,
shrouded my mornings with enchantment,
and bathed me in its warm light,
letting me end each day with a plethora of satisfaction.
I enjoyed the long path laden with Magnolia blooms,
or greeting it's geometric forms,
and hearing the buzzing of life in the meadow during summer.
Each moment carefully orchestrated and stored in my mind.
Boat rides in the outer moat , walks with Petal (yes, and you too Flopsy..),
and the nodding of the the Fritillaries in the wind, waiting for just the right moment to collect and distribute their seeds,
my mind and body floated languidly through each day,
lost in a haze
of fleeting moments.
Each day taking me further into my adventure.
To view the Rhododendrons from the boat seemed as if they floated above the water.
Each vista was special in its own way,
sometimes linking the interior of the garden with the surrounding landscape, never seeming forced.
The Wild Garden was a barrage of color with help from Foxgloves,
Azaleas and Bluebells, causing much excitement to my eyes.
And then there was the kitchen garden,
another slice of my paradise,
sometimes dream-like,
sometimes a flurry of organized chaos,it was a place to learn combinations,
to experiment,
and to watch life unfurl.
Oh, Sweet Williams,
heavy harvests,and the fruits of my labor,
time was lost in the richness of it all.
The kitchen garden enveloped me with its lessons,
and I was tangled in it's fine silky web
and thus, it brought me much, much happiness and delight.
Each day lined up new experiences,
new places to admire,
and secrets and surprises.
Two seasons have been found, and hopefully more will be unearthed,
and revealed in time.
The Sunken Garden, that lifts a smile to my face,
and provided many moments of solace
you made me giddy with delight.
It was a sight to watch your mood change,
from loud and vibrant,
to mysterious, I enjoyed it all the same,
never fully knowing where it would take me.
You shared your home with me,
and your food,
and your many, many flowers,
which inspired me tremendously,
and over,
and over again.
It woke my spirits,
and pushed me further than I imagined it would.
My eyes, my enlightened heart,
charming flowers and smiles,I walk down my memory.
Thank you so much DeWiersse.xoxo


  1. Fabulous Post, and the photos were gorgeous.Such beauty in word and photo.

  2. Really Lovely photos and your pictures too (are the latter coloured pencils or something of that nature?). Thanks for putting such a beautiful post together.

  3. Thank you Jim, that is a nice thing to hear. And Peter, thank you too for the kind words. My drawings are done with colored pencils, and there was one in charcoal too.

  4. Jimmy Jam! This is AMAZING! Love you!