Apr 11, 2012

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.......

In a short time, I will start to write for this blog again.. A lot has happened in the past few years and it's about to get exciting again...... Testing, testing, is this thing still on? Happy Spring!


  1. Jimmy,
    This was one of my favorite blogs. Glad to hear you are back.

  2. happy spring to you too... I haven't experienced this season in the hudson valley in forever, the blossoming trees are lovely. wish you were here

  3. I stumbled onto your blog when I was looking for a flower that I fell in love with when I was in Israel... (somehow lost the photo or deleted it from my camera) Needless to say, I lost myself as I wandered around Israel with you via your blog. Seeing and experiencing it through your eyes has been a treat ... even better than fudge for breakfast on Christmas morning!
    I've been itching to get back to Israel...and now I am absolutely certain now that I'll return in the spring... when the rains will allow me to experience it in all it's colors... and majesty... but until then I'll wander there every now and again through your blog... Thank you for this wonderful and unexpected gift.