Sep 2, 2012

England, good to see you again my friend

 It feels just like a relationship between two old friends, you haven't spoke in a while but you pick right back up where you left off.   I traded the dollar for a pound, the subway for the tube, and  a large garden for a terrace,  but you figure it out and make it work.
Speaking of work,  the first few months moved slowly, inching along, and it took me a couple of weeks to get  get into the swing of the rhythm,

   but we found our groove.  Hard at work now, balancing life, work, and garden visits and catch up with old friends, it is fantastic.  Settling in here has been great, things are on track, the terrace has filled out,
 and the future is looking strong and bright.
It feels good to be back England, you have been missed,
and so have you my friends.......

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