Oct 12, 2012

De Wiersse revisited

After months of constant going, a re-charge was needed, a getaway to a place that I hold near and dear to my heart.  I hopped a plane to Holland and caught a train to Vorden.  After all the intensity of my last job, it was time that I finally returned to a place that taught me so much about gardening and life.  When I came up the drive butterflies danced in my stomach, it felt so good to be back, even if
 for a few days.
The most beautiful and fragrant sweet peas waited for me in my room, a wonderful sight to see.

 I  slept well,

I enjoyed the view, 

and I explored all the details that were missed so much. We caught up, we laughed, we ate and we smiled and we would do it all again the next day.  In the evenings we watched shooting stars from the roof, counting over 15 one night. Magical? Of course, but that is DeWiersse ...

Time was well spent in the kitchen garden, harvesting, sketching, and getting to know it again, reminiscing about old times. I felt inspired again just as I did before. My color pencils danced out of my bag and onto the pages of my sketch book.

Alcea rosea
 Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird'

And I made arrangements.  A bouquet of beautiful bone-white lilies in a gold and white pitcher couldn't have been more simple or smile inducing.

Or an energetic display of affection between Tagetes and Violas, squeezed together in a bamboo inspired vase.
It was an orgy of flowers with color, scent and texture for days. It was just what I needed.
Thank you De Wiersse for continuing to inspire and push me forward, you will always remain a source of happiness for me,  even after returning back to London.

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  1. Loved reading about your visit. Wow, what lovely pictures! Would love to visit myself one day. Ahh....refreshing indeed!