Mar 2, 2008


Today is my last day in London for a while, it's out to the countryside tonight. After 3 failed attempts I was able to finally make it to the Museum of Garden History before it closed. The museum, which was founded in 1977, is in an old church, and is the first museum of its kind. It was filled with old photos and tools. Some quick facts I learned are:
-With bouquets violets represented erotic love and the carnation represented courtly love. The return of one flower from the lovers bunch meant the acceptance of their love.

The vase below is actually a cucumber straightener (c. 1880). It is open on both ends and the young cucumber was placed inside the tube to ensure straightness...... I'm just going to move on... Old and very sixties advertisement for Lawn mowers........
The latest accessory in London fashion. Actually, just read the caption. Do you know where your pony boots are?
And Joyce, and all other Palm lovers, this is for you. The weather is so mild in the city that I have seen many a Palm and Cycad planted in the ground. This one is in a round-a-bout. I am not sure which one it is. Does anyone know? First person gets a free ticket to England... ok, I'm obviously joking. Anyone know?


  1. Wow! Cycas...or Phoenix???

  2. Momma Margaret ssys it looks like a Sago Palm. ~Love ya, Sissy