Mar 2, 2008


The Tate Modern was the goal of the day today. Alot of the Narcissus are still coming up but one thing that i notice here is the use of Primula. I have seen them in park plantings such as this one, containers and in herbaceous beds too.

The Tate Modern is right on the Thames River, as are alot of other sights too. I have been along the Thames river a few days now. We went to go see a show of Man Ray, Duchamp, and Picabia. The three artists were great friends who inspired and pushed each other for a number of years. This was a special exhibit so there was an entrance fee. I did not know alot about Francis Picabia but know have a better understanding of who he was. The view below is from the cafe on the top floor. That is the Thames (pronounced Temz here, but i kept saying Thaymes and they would just smile at me.......) river with the Millenium Bridge (for pedestrians only) and St. Paul's Church in the background.

Me and Sho-Sho on the Millenium Bridge at sunset..... Thanks for everything you have done for me. Siobhan, friend forever, I love you. The trees here are severely pruned to prevent from touching the sides of the buildings (I think, and please correct me if i am wrong.....) The pigeons took up perching in them and it looked very strange to me.
You can see that this is what the tree will look like later on......

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